1. How to register?
    Registration in the advertising campaign is free. You must have the partnership link.
  2. Will I receive a reward if I have not yet entered the coin?
    The bonus for a personal partner does not depend on your contribution.
  3. Where can I buy coins?
    You can buy coins through the exchanger, which is in your personal account.
  4. Who is carrying out the advertising campaign of the CresoCoin payment system?
    РThe advertising campaign is conducted by AccantoInvestGroup.com. More here accantoinvestgroup.com
  5. What currency can I get in the exchanger?
    Exchange occurs in two directions: $ - CRC, CRC - $
  6. How can I enter funds? Can rubles or only dollars?
    You can make money through payment systems. Currency any (rubles, tenge, hryvnia, euro..) at the rate of the dollar USD.
  7. In what currency are bonuses given?
    All bonuses are paid with CresoCoin (CRC) coins
  8. Is the daily charge added to the amount of the investment?
    There are 3 types of accounts: Current, Investment and Dollar's. The amount to be credited is in the investment account. And all accruals are received on the current account
  9. I received the coins after the exchanger. Where can I see them?
    When buying CRC coins through the system exchanger, the amounts are credited directly to the investment account.
  10. How much and how do I get for my personal contribution?
    You receive a daily deposit on your personal deposit in the amount of 0,667% of the deposit amount. (20% per month) within 10 months.You receive a daily deposit on your personal deposit in the amount of 0,667% of the deposit amount. (20% per month) within 10 months.
  11. Where can I see the bonuses that I received?
    All bonuses: accruals for personal contribution, for partnership program and for invitees are accumulated in the Current account.
  12. And what bonuses are charged? How many percents?
    See the reward plan
  13. How can I withdraw funds?
    The withdrawal of funds is made twice a week: Monday and Thursday (excluding holidays) through payment systems: Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money and to the wallet CRC.
  14. How many referrals can there be in the first level?
    You can add an unlimited number of partners to the first level.
  15. Can I increase the amount on the investment account?
    On the investment account, coins come from the exchanger.
    There are 2 ways of replenishment:
    Add money and exchange through an exchanger for coins.
    Coins from the current account to withdraw to the exchanger, exchanged for dollars, and then exchanged for coins.
  16. How long does the investment account "freeze"?
    Такого понятия нет. There is no such idea. At any time, you can withdraw coins of CRC without restrictions.