Aniti-spam policy

Before participating in our System you need:
To familiarize with our anti-spam policy.

Read this material very carefully before you begin to actively disseminate information about our System and develop your business on its basis.

It should be remembered! We strictly forbid "SPAM" in any form.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is the distribution of commercial and other advertisements or similar commercial types of messages to persons who did not express a desire to receive them.

Inviting you to be an active participant of, we are not against any actions aimed at developing, expanding and advertising your business.

We welcome all permitted and legitimate methods of advertising and promotion of your partner links in order to attract participants and partners to your team, except for SPAM.

We take all measures to preventthe dissemination of unauthorized mass mailing to third parties and if necessary, take appropriate measures including suspendingor blockingyour account at, while investigating your unlawful actions related to sending SPAM.

In case of abuse of unauthorized mailing (SPAM), we reserve the right to exclude you from You should know, this is not a goal, but a means of fighting against SPAM.

If you received unauthorized information (SPAM) associated with our System - please report this to support.

Be sure to send us the text of this letter, as well as the individual link of the participant to which you were invited to come or register and we will take appropriate measures.

Only legal methods of dissemination information will lead you to success.