About the campaign

To expand the functions of the payment system CresoCoin a limited-time advertising campaign is being conducted. The payment system appreciates and encourages campaigners.
Using an advertising campaign, anyone gets high incomes. The level of income depends on the activity and desires of the participant. In the process of advertising campaign, you receive not only increased revenues from your deposits, bonuses for building a partner network, but also various additional prizes such as participation in the drawing of gadgets, weekends, tourist trips, etc.

How to earn?

The terms of the advertising campaign allow any active participant to drastically change his financial status.
It all depends on your activity and your desire to change your financial situation.

There are several types of participation in the advertising campaign: without the invitation of partners and with an invitation. Naturally, the incomes are completely different.
Register and start acting
For automation of processes you receive tools and training from leaders.


  1. How to register?
    Registration in the advertising campaign is free. You must have the partnership link.
  2. Will I receive a reward if I have not yet entered the coin?
    The bonus for a personal partner does not depend on your contribution.
  3. Where can I buy coins?
    You can buy coins through the exchanger, which is in your personal account.